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Grass To Glass Academy

Sun, Mar 12, 2017 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Contact Information

Email: melissa@grasslandsbrewery.com

Learn more about beer styles, ingredients and the process of brewing, in a fun and relaxing environment. Because the more you know, the better the beer tastes!

Classes start October 16th and will run every second Sunday thereafter. Take just one class, or go for your degree! Ticket price is only $30 per class and includes a beautiful tasting glass to take home, a plethora of knowledge (with take home information sheets) as well as several 3 ounce tastings of the brew styles being discussed each month. Whether you are a beer connoisseur or just starting your journey into craft beer, this class is for you!

Class Schedule:

10.16.16: Hops - One of the fundamental beer ingredients that creates the flavors that can make or break your menu selection. Learn what they do and which ones you like and how to choose beers based on hoppy information.

11.13.16: Food Pairings - The holidays are coming! Learn tips and suggestions for pairing the perfect brew with your favorite holiday foods.

12.11.16: Malt - The bulk of beer creation. Malts affect the body, flavor, and color of beer. Learn the lingo and the differences to choose the style right for you.

01.08.17: Yeast - The world's favorite micro-organism. Yeast may be tiny, but is fierce in determining the flavor or beer. We'll learn just how much of a difference yeast can make to a beer, from funky strains to fruity flavor makers.

02.12.17: Stranger Things - Not for the faint of palate! Ever wanted to taste those really out there beers? Let's talk about the frontier of beer and the strange choices that turn out to be tasty things.

03.12.17: Fruits and Vegetables - Mom always said to eat your fruits and veggies. Beer is no different. Fruits and veggies can create amazing flavors and are one way brewers are expanding the face of the beer world.

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